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Quick Links

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Support your child in Literacy 
  • Storybird - We use this writing website at school to create exciting and illustrated stories. Your child will have a login for this site. Why not create a story of your own and share it with others. You can even build up your own portfolio of stories.
  • 10 Tips on Hearing Your Child Read - Find out how to make your reading times as enjoyable and effective as possible.
  • Education City - Here you will find a wealth of activities covering many different areas. Your child will have their own login for this site. If you are unsure please contact the school
Support your child in Maths 
  • Big Brainz - download an exciting (free!) game which teaches children their times tables.
  • BBC Numeracy - A wide range of activities, games and resources to develop your child's Numeracy skills.
  • Percy Parker - an excellent CD which children can use to learn their tables.
  • Schoolhouse Tech - use this software to make your own Numeracy challenges!
  • Revisewise for Parents - Find out about the National Curriculum, tests, and how you can support them.
Support your child in Science  Support your child in ICT 
  • Dance Mat Typing - practise your typing with this enjoyable site.
  • Senselang Typing - a simple, but very effective, way of improving your typing skills.
  • Gridclub Cybercafe - learn how to stay safe when using different forms of technology.
  • Yahooligans - a child-friendly search site.
  • Ask for Kids - The children's version of Ask. Very useful.
  • Picsearch - use this site to search for pictures. It's much safer than Google Images, but remember that you still need to take care when searching for images online.
  • FactMonster - If you need to do research about a topic, FactMonster is a good place to try.
  • Freefoto - a great site to find photos to use in your school projects.
Support your child in History 
  • Snaith Primary School - This school website has a huge range of information about different periods in time. Well worth a look!
  • BBC History - Use the resources on this site to find out all about History!
Support your child in Geography 
  • Google Earth - an incredible resource which can be downloaded for free. Which famous places around the world will you visit?
  • Google Maps - try comparing the satellite view with the map view. Can you see your house?
  • Street Map - can you find your house and your school, and then follow your route between them?
  • BBC Geography - A huge range of activities and games to develop your knowledge of the world.
Support your child in Music 
  • BBC Music - A selection of activities to develop your child's musical skills.
  • Making Tracks - Use these interactive tools to create your own musical compositions. It's great fun!
  • Virtual Keyboard - Play some great tunes using this fantastic online keyboard.

Support your child in PE

Footee- a fabulous free site where kids aged 7-11 can improve their Maths, English and Science through over 250 fantastic football-based games.Support your child in Art 

  • ArtPad - express yourself with this online painting machine