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Charging and Remissions Policy


The school will not charge pupils or parents for educational activities taking place either within or outside school hours with the following exceptions:

1. The full cost of activities, including board and lodging for residential activities, deemed to be optional extras taking place outside school hours.

2. The school may charge for the cost of instrumental tuition for groups of up to four pupils in a lesson. Individual lessons are not considered viable. Parents will be required to commit to pay for instrumental lessons for their child for the whole academic year.

3. The cost of materials, ingredients or equipment for certain aspects of the curriculum if the parents have indicated in advance that they wish to own the finished product.

A charge may be made for replacement of any item of school property that is lost or damaged.

The Governing Body may, from time to time, amend the categories of activities for which a charge may be made.

If a charge is made for each pupil it will not exceed the actual cost. If further funds need to be raised, for example to help in hardship cases, this will be by voluntary contributions or general fund­raising.

Parents have a right to ask for details of how the charges are worked out and who might qualify for help with the cost.

Voluntary contributions

Although charges are not made for school­time activities, parents and others may be asked to make voluntary contributions (in cash or in kind) to make school funds go further. 

All requests to parents for voluntary contributions will make it quite clear that the contributions would be voluntary. Children of parents who do not contribute will not be treated any differently and will not be left out of any activity.

Where there are not enough voluntary contributions to make the activity possible, and there is no way to make up the shortfall, the activity will be cancelled.


In circumstances of family hardship that make it difficult for pupils to take part in particular activities for which a charge is made or where parents are in receipt of family credit or income support, the school will invite parents to apply in confidence for the remission of charges in part or in full. Authorisation of remission will be made by the headteacher.