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Belvidere Primary School

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Belvidere Music Curriculum

At Belvidere our music scheme takes a holistic approach to music, in which the individual strands below are woven together to create engaging and enriching learning experiences:

● Performing 

● Listening

● Composing 

● The history of music 

● The inter related dimensions of music


Each five-lesson unit combines these strands within a cross-curricular topic designed to capture pupils' imagination and encourage them to explore music enthusiastically. Over the course of the scheme, children will be taught how to sing fluently and expressively, and play tuned and untuned instruments accurately and with control. They will learn to recognise and name the interrelated dimensions of music - pitch, duration, tempo, timbre, structure, texture and dynamics - and use these expressivley in their own improvisations and compositions.

 Instrumental lessons

As part of our curriculum we feel it is important for every pupil to learn an instrument whilst being at the school. This is a future life skill, which hopefully pupils will develop in their future lives.

Key Stage 1 and Reception are following the Kapow Music Scheme.

Year 3 and 4  Pupils are learning the folk whistle, following the Music Matter Common Approach for Woodwind.

Years 5 and 6 follow the Shropshire Ukelele scheme of work, whilst blending with the relevant areas in Kapow. The instrumental scheme lessons complement our scheme of work and allow lower key stage pupils to develop their expertise in using a tuned instrument.


Progressions of Skills


Belvidere Music Curriculum