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Belvidere Primary School

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Belvidere Mathematics Curriculum 

At Belvidere we deliver the National Curriculum for mathematics through a spiral curriculum developed by a local advisor (Kate Burton) alongside our mathematics subject leader. 

Each term the children will be taught each area for approximately a week, following the teaching cycle of Teach, Practise, apply and review.

Every term, each key area of mathematics is revisited and developed, building on the skills and knowledge taught the previous term.

We primarily use White Rose Maths resources supplemented by a variety of other materials.  informal on going quizzes and assessments along with summative assessments at the end of each term are used to monitor the progress of the children in each term and academic year.

Retrieval activities are used regularly to ensure that the important knowledge is embedded and remembered.

Our working walls are used to reinforce and remind children of procedures, vocabulary and 'must know' facts from each block of work.

A Sample of Medium Term Planning