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Belvidere Primary School

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Belvidere History Curriculum

We have worked with Stuart Tiffany ('Mr T does History') to develop a bespoke history curriculum that draws on the best of our local history alongside the requirement of the National curriculum.

The expertise of the  Shrewsbury museum staff is utilised to deliver tours, visits and workshops to create a practical and vivid experience of the time period being studied.

Each class experiences history for three half terms a year, consisting of approximately six lessons.

The planning framework we have developed consists of:

  • Long term overview-outlining the historical periods to be studied at each stage; the key questions and Disciplinary areas to be covered.
  • A detailed overview of the disciplinary knowledge and skills to be developed across the primary phase
  • Medium term planning-this gives a further breakdown of the key question into a series of focused enquiries; specific areas of disciplinary concepts, substantive concepts and  knowledge along with vocabulary to be used. 
  • The use of the Historical Association and Mr Ts materials to further support the planning and delivery of the historical theme.