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Belvidere Primary School

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Activities to do

Things your child can do when they are self-isolating or if school is closed in the short-term…

    • Read LOTS.
    • Write book reviews of what has been read.
    • Discuss books with family members.
    • Keep a diary of daily activities, thoughts, worries and feelings.
    • Draw pictures of interesting things – experiment with different materials.
    • Measure how big your house is: area, perimeter, height.
    • Play some games or explore NumberGym (see website links at the bottom)
    • Investigate some of the many fantastic ideas on nRich – a website full of maths problems and puzzles for all ages.
    • Complete some Sudoku puzzles (see website link at the bottom)
    • Practise your x-tables. What’s the best time you can get on TT Rockstars? (see website link at the bottom)
    • Write a story: maybe imagine what it would be like to be in school all on your own…
    • Make a model linked to your class’ current topic.
    • Find some creatures in your garden or in the house. What are they? Draw them, describe them in words etc.
    • Find the oldest thing in your house. What is it?  What is it like?  How come you have it?  Who did it belong to?
    • Ask your family about what they know about your family’s history. Try and make a family tree.
    • Use a camera (or a phone) to take interesting pictures that have no people in.
    • Find an example of interestingly-shaped objects: pentagons, hexagons, dodecagons etc.
    • Find an example of a tessellating pattern (one where the same shapes fit together without gaps).
    • Keep a record of cars passing your house: what is the most common colour car?
    • Write an adventure story based around an interesting thing from your attic or from around the house.
    • Read a dictionary: find your new favourite word that no one else knows.
    • Work out how many minutes you have been alive for.
    • Research a famous person you are inspired by. Write their life story.
    • Write a letter to a famous person you admire and ask for an autograph. (Find their address first!)
    • Come up with a way to measure a tall tree that you can’t get to the top of with a ladder.
    • Bake a cake.
    • Plan and cook a meal (with some help).
    • Put on a play of your favourite story.
    • If you play a musical instrument, practise lots and put on a concert for your family.
    • Draw a picture of what you want to be when you grow up.
    • Write down your hopes and dreams, put it in an envelope and hide it away. Don’t open it for 10 years!
    • Dissect a flower: can you identify all the main parts? Use the internet to help you.
    • Build a shelter in your garden.
    • Make a model from recycling bits and bobs.
    • Learn some simple phrases in another language (use Language Nut – see website links at the bottom).
    • Grow some seeds in different places around the house. Which area worked best? Why?
    • Check the daily news on Espresso (See website links at the bottom)
    • Explore the Espresso website for lots of interesting stuff! (See website links at the bottom)
    • How many star-jumps can you do in one minute?
    • How long can you ‘plank’ for?
    • How many keepy-uppies can you do with a ball?