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Welcome to the Autumn Term 2020

We hope that you have all had a good summer and we are now pleased

to be re-opening to all pupils on Wednesday 2nd September.

Important - Please see the information below regarding the returning to school in September.  Start and Finish times MUST be adhered to at all times to ensure the safety of all children, parents and staff to avoid cross contamination. 

We recognise that the staggered times will need to be planned by parents and we appreciate your support and patience with this. 


Entry and Exit Arrangements from September

Please stick strictly to the staggered start and home times to allow for social distancing. If you are outside of these times, we will not be able to accept your child until 9.30am.

We have arranged the School into the Following Bubbles


Start Time

Home Time

Years 5 & 6



Years 3 & 4



Willow & Oak Classes



Elm & Ash Classes



Little Bells



 There will be a one way system in place down the driveway. 


Please walk down the left hand side of the drive on the pavement - your child is to walk through the gate by themselves where they will be greeted by their new class teacher.


 Parents to wait on the driveway at the end of the day.

Each Class will be escorted to the gate at their designated time.



Reception and Little Bells 

Parents of Nursery and Reception parents are to escort their child through the left gate, across the car park, along the designated pathway. Your child will be greeted by their teacher at the Nursery gate, adjacent to the main entrance 



Sports and Activity Clubs

There will be NO sports clubs after school for the first half term of the new school year.

New forms will be sent out in the first week back.  


 Personal Possessions

1. Pupils are not to bring in large bags or rucksacks .

They may only bring:

A PE Kit in a Draw String PE Bag

School Book Bag

Personal Water Bottle 

(Available from or from school office on Tuesday 1st September)

2 . NO pencil cases or other personal possessions are to be brought from home 

Please label all items belonging to your child


 School attendance will once again be mandatory from September the 2nd. However under the circumstances we ask that you remain vigilant; if your child is unwell in anyway or showing any symptoms of the corona virus, please keep them at home and inform the school as soon as possible. 

If you have felt it necessary to give your child pain relief before school, they are not well enough to be in school. 

School Meals 

The kitchen will be fully open and parents who wish their child to have a school meal should pay in advance. Menus will be shared at the start of September. 

School Uniform 

 All pupils should return in full school uniform.

Visitors on Site 

We are considering carefully any visitors who will be permitted onto the school site in the Autumn Term to ensure that we can support the safety of staff and pupils.

As explained above: Parents in Years 1-6 will not be permitted onto the school site. If you need to speak to member of staff please contact the school office.

Reception Parents will be able to drop their child off at the designated time.

Staff will be there to assist you 


Breakfast and After school club

B/Fast 8.00 am

After school 3:00-4:00 pm

After school 3:00-4:30 pm

After School 3:00-5:30 pm






There will be no club during the first week of term.

More information will be sent out next week.


Class Structure for September

To ensure that all children receive an identical curriculum we have chosen to change the class structure next year for Key Stage 1 to have parallel Year 1 and 2 classes. 

Unfortunately, Mrs Pollitt will not be returning to school in September due to a previously planned operation. Mrs Cullen will be the class teacher in Beech class (working Monday to Thursday), we also welcome Mr Steele to the staff who will be covering the class on Fridays. 



Mr Teague


Reception / Year 1

Mrs Ruscoe


Year 1 / 2

Mrs Williams


Year 1 / 2

Miss Hawkins


Year 3

Mr Crumpton


Year 4 

Mrs Cullen and Mr Steele


Year 5 

Miss Jackson


Year 6

Mrs Kennard




Any outstanding refunds will be made during the first week in September


Messages From Your Teachers!

BIRCH CLASS 2019-2020

Dear year 6,It has been a strange last year of primary school for you. Try to remember the good times: Our visit to Cosford; the Christmas performances; the discos and remember at least you didn't have to do SATs! As you look towards the future and secondary school we wish you all the very best for a bright future.

Remember:  You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think and loved more than you know !

Mrs Kennard and Mrs Cullen

BIRCH CLASS 2020-2021

Dear Year 5,

Can you believe you are about to start your first year of primary school? I am looking forward to meeting you all. Although we have a great deal of work to do, I hope we will be able to have fun, work as a team and make good progress together.

Over the summer:Please read as much as you can-you could take photos of you reading in interesting places. Make sure you have reminded yourself of the times-tables up to 12x12, you could use TTRockstars as a way of testing yourself.

See you all in September.

Mrs Kennard

CEDAR CLASS 2019-2020

I was so thrilled to find out i would be teaching you at the start of this year after having taught you in Year 3. Sadly, our time together was cut short, but I thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent together discovering new learning and having thought provoking class discussions. I am proud of how you have all adapted and engaged with the online learning and how you have supported your friends through the forum by staying in touch with one another. I know that you will have a fabulous time in Year 6! It has been a delight to teach you all, have an awesome Summer.

Miss Jackson

CEDAR CLASS 2020-2021

I was delighted to find out that I  will  be able to teach you all again next year, having had a wonderful time teaching you in Year 3. I am excited to explore different topics and to help you develop new skills. Have a superb Summer and I look forward to seeing you in September.

Over the holidays, I would like you to practice your multiplication tables/division facts and to challenge yourself with how many books you can read. I wonder if you can beat me, but I warn you I read quickly.

Miss Jackson

 BEECH CLASS 2019-2020

 Thank you for being such a wonderful class this year. Its such a shame that our time together was cut short but hopefully you will have some happy memories. Top of my list would have to be our amazing class museum , where you did yourselves proud by making fantastic models/power points/ pictures/posters, which the whole school (and some family members enjoyed). My second highlight would have to be our Tudor Banquet-where you put so much enthusiasm into planning your costumes, biscuit making, dancing and entertainment. On top of that everyday you made me smile with your positive attitude to learning-so thank you for that. I really have enjoyed getting to know you all and it has been a pleasure to teach you. Looking forward to seeing you all back in school in September (as Year 5's)!

Mrs Williams

BEECH CLASS 2020-2021

 I hope you are all well, I am so looking forward to seeing you all in September as Year 4's. I do have a task for you to do during the Summer; to revise your times tables 2 to 10 (you could use TTRockstars for this), and know them as best as you possibly can. We are going to have such an exciting time together next school year. I hope you all have a fantastic Summer!

Mrs Pollitt

MAPLE CLASS 2019-2020

 What a year we have had! A trip to Jacksfield to make a Stone Aged themed tile, singing beautifully at the Christmas concert and visits from a crew and their fire engine. It has been an absolute pleasure to teach you all. You are hardworking and friendly (and a bit noisy!!) children. I'm proud of you all and I know you will do well on year 4.

Mr Crumpton

MAPLE CLASS 2020-2021

Welcome to year 3 and key stage 2. I hope you are ready for an exciting year in Mr Crumpton's class. It will be hard work but we will work together as a team to succeed. I hope you enjoy your summer holidays, I hope you ride a bike,  go for walks, enjoy a picnic, eat an ice cream, play some board games, play in the garden, watch a film and most importantly laugh, smile and have fun.

I do have two little tasks for you: Could you take a photo of yourself reading a book whilst wearing a costume. For example take a photo of yourself reading a book dressed as Batman.

Task 2 is to draw a picture of yourself that tells me something about you. For example i might draw a picture of myself walking up a mountain. (one of my favorite thing to do.) Looking forward to seeing you in September. 

Mr Crumpton

WILLOW CLASS 2019-2020

I have really enjoyed having you all in my class earlier this year. I am so proud of all of you for working so hard especially all the hard work you have continued with at home! I hope the sun continues to shine and that you all have an enjoyable Summer! I wish you all the very best next year  I know you will all settle into year 2 very quickly! 

Mrs Pollitt

WILLOW CLASS 2020-2021

I am really excited to be moving into key stage 1 and teaching you all next year. We have got lots of fun things planned for the Autumn Term and our first topic is called "not all heroes wear capes." We will be finding out about what makes you special, special people who help us (e.g. doctors and nurses), our bodies and amazing animals habitats. As well as this, we will be finding out more about where we live and what makes our local area special too! Our learning journey will involve music, drama, art, history, geography, science, ICT and lots more! I cant wait to get to know you all and teach you. I know that Mrs Jones is very excited too! Hope the sun shines now for the rest of the Summer so you can enjoy lots of time outdoors! Remember to try and read regularly so you are ready to enjoy our classroom books in September. See you all soon!

Mrs Williams 

OAK CLASS 2019-2020

 Wow! what a year we had together! It was shorter than we all hoped, but i am so glad we got explore such lovely books and topics and have such super conversations and laughs! i am so proud of how hard you have all worked. I know that you will be amazing in year 3. You are all superstars! It has been a pleasure!

Miss Hawkins

OAK CLASS 2020-2021

I am so looking forward to having you in my class! We have got so many exciting things to learn about. Over the holidays, I would love you to draw paint an A4 portrait of yourself ready to bring in September, and to also think about what your favorite book is and why. You may want to take a photo of yourself with it for the display! See you soon.

Miss Hawkins

ASH CLASS 2019-2020 

. Well, what a very different year we have had this year. Firstly, I would like to say well done for all your hard work during the Autumn Term and the Spring Term. Remembering back to before Christmas we had such fun singing that pirate song on a daily basis. Well done to you, and your parents, for adapting to the different way of learning during the past months, you have been so mature and dedicated with your approach to online learning.Best wishes in you new classes in September,

Mr Teague 

ASH CLASS 2020-2021

I hope you are all well. Mrs Benniman and I are really looking forward to seeing some familiar children from Reception and Little Bells. Along with welcoming some new children and their families to the school in September. I wish you all a great Summer!Best wishes,

Mrs Ruscoe

ELM CLASS 2019-2020

I have really enjoyed having you all in my class this year and I am disappointed that we have been unable to finish the year together. Mrs Benniman, Mrs Webster, and I hope you are able to enjoy the rest of your Summer and we are all looking forward to seeing you back in school in Year 1 in September.

Mrs Ruscoe

ELM CLASS 2020-2021

I am really looking forward to meeting you all in September; we have many exciting things planned as you start your time in Reception class. We will be getting to know each other, finding out what exciting summer have had, there will be lots and lots of painting, exploring and learning through play, and there will be many, many adventures as we share and listen to a fast array pf stories.See you soon, Mr Teague